How to Care for Your Wigs

Our HairbeautyCF products are lightweight, easy to wear, and natural looking. Made from a blend of high-quality braiding hair extensions, you can get your favorite wigs in a variety of styles such as Human hair wigs, Synthetic wigs, braids & Crochet, Clip-in extensionsKnowing how to care for and maintain your wig properly will ensure that it lasts for much longer.

Human hair wigs are perfect for women who want to change a hairstyle quickly and who lost hair due to medications or chemotherapy, women with human hair lace part wigs achieved change hairstyle quickly and easily. As we all know, virgin human hair cut from the head will definitely lose the supply of nutrients and cause frizz for a long time, how to care for the human hair wig so that it lasts longer has become a concern of lades. This article will teach you how to wash and care for human hair wigs in a proper way to decrease the tangle and shedding. I will be outlining tips on how you can care for your wigs below:

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

The biggest and most prominent advantage of human hair lace wigs is that they are convenient and time-saving because they are easy to wear and take off. The raw material is virgin human hair, it can be perfectly connected with people’s own hair, which is natural and realistic. In addition, the wig can protect your original hair from external damage, allowing your scalp to breathe underneath. Last but not least, there are many types and colors of wigs to choose from, which allows you to change the hairstyle very conveniently without cutting your own hair. You can also try some dramatic colors when wearing a Halloween costume or performing.

How To Care For Human Hair Wigs

Regarding the maintenance of your human hair lace wig, it is recommended to maintain and wash once a week. The water temperature between 35-40 degrees is best, and better wash from the root to the hair slightly. It can be used with a plastic wide teeth comb, shampoo (recommended for weak acid), and after washing, be sure to wash with conditioner again, then use a towel to dry and spray a special nutrient solution (care solution) when it is half dry. In addition, if you want a fluffy affect human hair wig, wear it again after lightly grab it with your hands and comb it. Because the virgin human hair wig leaves the human body will definitely lose the supply of nutrients and cause frizz for a long time, the principle of the nutrient solution is to provide nutrition, so the nutrient solution is a necessity.

How to Wash Human Hair

The first and most important tip you need to remember is not to add any kind of shine product to your braid wig before every use. Instead, you can opt for a lightweight oil like jojoba oil and apply hair mousse to smoothen.  

For curly or textured wigs like our such as Human hair wigs, Synthetic wigs, braids & Crochet, Clip-in extensions, simply follow these steps:

step 1. The water temperature between 35-40°C is better, squeeze an appropriate amount of shampoo into the basin and stir to dilute it first.
Step 2. Put human hair wig into the basin and wash gently for about 15 seconds, remember don’t scrub!
step 3. Use a comb to clean up slowly, do not use force, and remember to protect the roots and the bottom of the net.
step 4. Wash off shampoo residue with clean water.
step 5. Gently apply the conditioner on a human hair wig.
step 6. Comb the human hair wig slowly to make the conditioner evenly cover.
step 7. Continue to wash off the conditioner with 35-40°C clean water about 3 times.
step 8. Use towels to dry the human hair wig in a semi-dry state.
step 9. When human hair wig half dry, spray a special nutrient solution on it. Pay attention to spray evenly without excessive.
step 10. Comb in the opposite direction to achieve fluffy and erect hair.
step 11. Place it on the special holder for a human hair wig and wait for it to dry naturally.
step 12. If you are eager to wear it, you must blow it dry with a hairdryer. But remember: dry the bottom of the net first.

How Long Is The Life Of Human Hair Wigs?

There are some conventional factors that affect human hair wig life expectancy: the average daily wearing time; whether the external environment is bad; whether the maintenance is on-time; whether the storage is proper! Occasionally worn human hair wig will definitely last longer than everyday ones; in the office longer than outdoors; regular maintenance is longer than not spraying the care solution once a year; properly stored than squeezed or exposed to the sun long!

Maintenance among these factors is the top priority! And the most important thing in maintenance is to use a care solution! The care solution can replenish nutrition, just spray 5-6 times after washing half dry. The maximum wearing time of some customers has exceeded 5 years!

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